Minnesota State Republican Senator Bill Weber denounces Democrats bill to legalize abortion up until birth

Is the “most severe, radical abortion bill in the nation”

On Saturday, Jan. 28, after over 12 hours of debate on the topic, Senate Democrats passed extreme abortion legislation that protects “abortion” and “reproductive rights” with no safeguards or limitations. The seemingly short, less-than-a-page bill goes far beyond the scope of both Doe v. Gomez and Roe v. Wade.

Senator Bill Weber (R- Luverne) said The extreme abortion bill goes too far and takes steps far beyond codifying current law, though Democrats have tried to lead us to believe otherwise.” 

This legislation is the most severe, radical abortion bill in the nation and rivals just a handful of countries in the world. And I know that this is not what most Minnesotans want. I remain committed to standing up for the fundamental right to life and working toward policies that will defend mothers and babies.”

The bill passed on party lines, 34-33. Senate Republicans offered a number of critical amendments—all of which were struck down on party-line votes, and many of which were not deemed worthy of discussion by the majority party. Key amendments that were offered include:

  • Ban on third-trimester abortions 
  • Prohibition of violent Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) abortions 
  • Language that would have excluded sterilization from the umbrella of “reproductive rights” 
  • Requirement of parental notification 
  • Language that would have prevented the sterilization of minors  
  • Prohibition of abortions due to down syndrome