Celebrate Life!

By Carol Tobias, President

Editor’s note. This appears on page three of the January issue of NRL News. Please share this story, and the remainder of the 48-page edition, with your pro-life family and friends.

This is an exciting time for the pro-life movement.  Exciting because we are reminded that, with hard work and determination, we can move mountains!

When the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its Roe v Wade decision in 1973, Justice Byron White used his dissenting opinion to write an emphatic denunciation of the majority decision. 

In part, White wrote, “I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court’s judgment. The Court simply fashions and announces a new constitutional right for pregnant mothers and, with scarcely any reason or authority for its action, invests that right with sufficient substance to override most existing state abortion statutes.”

It took 49 years but, last year on June 24, the Supreme Court agreed with Justice White.  Instead of marking 50 years of Roe v Wade, we are celebrating the first year without it!

Talk about moving mountains! 

Unborn babies and their mothers were rewarded for your years of educating our communities and states about the humanity of the unborn child. They benefited from your years of electing pro-life candidates so we could pass pro-life legislation that undermined the flawed reasoning behind Roe

And they were rewarded by your succeeding in electing presidents who nominated Supreme Court justices who respect the Constitution, and electing senators willing to confirm those justices.

On this January 22, we celebrate LIFE instead of observing the Roe v Wade legacy of death.

And celebrate LIFE we must by (figuratively) shouting at the top of our voices about how precious is each and every human life.

For many years, I’ve told audiences that demeaning the lives of unborn children will lead to disrespect for all life.

If women have the “right” to kill their unborn children, why wouldn’t boyfriends feel vindicated in pressuring her to end the pregnancy?

If violence against children in the womb is acceptable, why should we be surprised if violence against children after they’re born increases?

If society doesn’t care about the lives of preborn children– the most vulnerable among us–we shouldn’t be surprised to see violence increase against the vulnerable elderly.

And if life has no real value, no intrinsic value, why would we expect a different outcome than encouraging people with disabilities to end their lives through assisted suicide and euthanasia?

This all came roaring back to me when I saw a quote from the late Pope Benedict XVI. As his death became a celebration of life, many of his great pro-life statements were published.

In 2007, while speaking to the General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Pope Benedict offered this profound truth: “[L]ife is the first good received from God and is fundamental to all others; to guarantee the right to life for all and in an equal manner for all is the duty upon which the future of humanity depends.”

Think about that for a minute:  The future of humanity depends on the guarantee of the right to life for all and in an equal manner for all.

What we need is to respect human life, all human life.  We need to show compassion to one another.  And yet, when we look at our country today, it seems like everyone is more concerned with making sure others agree with them.  And if not, they should just shut up.  That is not respect for one another.

People are different from each other.  We look different. We act differently.  We have different ideas and opinions.  We have different wants and needs.  We have different talents and abilities.

It’s not up to us to decide who should be here. It’s not up to us to decide who lives and who dies.

The pro-life message that all life is precious is desperately needed in today’s society. 

Let’s show the beautiful pictures of preborn children. Post your baby’s ultrasound image or keep it handy on your phone and show everyone her little nose.

Talk to your neighbors about how important their lives are to you.

Share “science” with those you talk to.  Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRLC Director of Education & Research, wrote an amazing article for National Right to Life News Today entitled, “The glory of our humanity begins with a single cell.” 

Ask friends to read that article and let you know if it made them think about what happens during an abortion: that a unique individual’s life is extinguished forever.

I’m asking you to find ways to promote the value and dignity of every human life, born or unborn.

Let’s celebrate LIFE!