What We Love Says It All

By Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Editor’s note. This first appeared December 2. I just saw it, and I thought you would benefit from it as much as I did.

I bet you too received a plethora of emails on Giving Tuesday that prompted, persuaded, and pleaded for your generous monetary support of non-profits.  Among those that happened to land in my inbox (due to oppositional research) was one from Planned Parenthood, and I found its subject line simply appalling.

Subject lines are an opportunity to stress the main takeaway of an email.   Planned Parenthood’s happened to be “We love abortion” using a heart emoji to represent their devotion to abortion.

I was struck by the stark clarity of this statement. They don’t see abortion as a “necessary evil” or a procedure that should be rare. They offered no attempt to downplay being the largest provider of abortion in the nation. 

Rather, they want us to know that they love abortion. And they want our donations (and tax dollars) so they can do more of them.

Consider what “We love abortion” implies.

They love death… Love ending an innocent life… Love disposing of tiny bodies into a medical waste bucket or a toilet… Love sending a young woman back into an unhealthy, possibly abusive relationship, or to a promiscuous lifestyle.

What they love more than anything, however, is likely the revenue that abortion helps to generate– over $1.7 billion according to their latest annual report. Surely they love that abortions are up 30,000 from the previous year, upping their daily death total to 1,050 babies every single day.

I was also struck by the irony inherent in the subject line. They use a heart to represent their love of abortion when abortion actually stops a beating heart.

Equally ironic was the occasion for this email. Giving Tuesday promotes giving of oneself to help others. What does Planned Parenthood give? They are all about taking. Taking money, taking lives, taking advantage of people in vulnerable positions.  

How can anyone love abortion, when by definition love is willing the good of the other? Isn’t the child killed the forgotten other?

By contrast, consider potential subject lines for pro-life organizations.  We love babies. We love women. We love helping. We love supporting. We love empowering.  We love life. We love you.

Love freely given to any mother in need at over 2700 pregnancy resource centers nationwide. 

The Bible says for where your treasure is, there also will be your heart.By their own admission, Planned Parenthood’s heart is in abortion because that is what fills their coffers. They love money and death more than the precious gift of life. And they are not ashamed to say