The infant boy captured my heart and renewed my faith in the inherent goodness of life

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The woman with the kind smile held up the photo to the webcam so that I could view it on my computer. The picture was of a newborn baby for whom I had been praying. I had begun the prayers long before, when he was just a few weeks old in her mother’s womb. Both baby and mother were doing well, and hope abounds for their futures.

I could not think of a better Christmas gift than the one I received in that moment, when I could finally see an image of the baby I had been praying for in utero. The infant boy captured my heart and renewed my faith in the inherent goodness of life.

It is far too easy in this season of the year to get caught up in materialistic details—the packages that seem to take forever to arrive…the cookies that come out misshapen and un-star-like…the cash that seems in short supply. Any one of these misfortunes can lead to a meltdown that even Kris Kringle, the jolly old elf himself, cannot prevent.

But I will be casting away my cares for just a little while as I focus on the life-affirming meaning of Christmas. It is no coincidence that the essence of Christmas is the birth of a long-awaited child, a baby whom Christians revere as Savior and King.

His mother, Mary, could have easily said “No” to the unexpected pregnancy, but with her unqualified “Yes” she brought about a spiritual rebirth which has lasted more than two thousand years.

As Christians throughout the country mark this special holiday and truly holy day, I am reminded of the inherent promise that comes with each baby’s birth. It’s a pledge from above that the world can become better through the presence of an unrepeatable person who, in fact, changes history through a mere appearance.

I offer a special prayer for pregnant women and parents of newborns during this sacred moment in time. May God richly bless them for their decision to embrace life—a gift no human being has a right to take away.