Kentucky ProLife Case in US Court of Appeals Today!

By Addia Wuchner, R.N., Executive Director KRTL

Today, we head once again into the Court room.  This morning at 9:00 AM, I will be at the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit at the Potter Stewart US Courthouse in Cincinnati. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has jurisdiction over federal appeals arising from the states of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.

This morning’s case, actually began in May of 2021 when the city of Louisville’s Metro Council passed the “Buffer Zone Ordnance”, which restricts not only potential protesters, but the religious liberty of ProLife organizations and individuals who’s missions and ministries brings one last prayer, one final message of love and support before a women enters the abortion facility to extinguish the life of her child.  

Kentucky Right to Life’s and Sisters for Life’s joint legal team filed a brief May of 2021 asking for a temporary injunction on the 10-foot “buffer zone” ordinance. The ordinance prevents sidewalk counseling within 10 feet of abortion facilities.

Kentucky Right to Life and Sisters for Life are defending pro-life sidewalk counseling, an attempt to provide women seeking abortions with alternatives like parenting and adoption resources. There have been children saved because of that intimate conversation with a sidewalk counselor as women were walking in to have an abortion

Abortion advocates regularly claim that abortion promotes women’s social and economic well-being.  Women deserve better than a flawed medical model of best practices in women’s -healthcare that embraces the destruction of a human life, the life of their child. 

“It is false compassion to convince a woman that ending the life of her unborn child is a way to solve a problem,” said Addia Wuchner. “Our mission continues loving them both, offering compassion and hope, and walking with women and restoring a culture that welcomes and support life.” 

Please keep our legal team and the panel of Judges who will hear our case today in your prayers.

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