Father devastated after wife has second abortion: “I feel so much pain”

By SPUC– Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

A Japanese father in his 50s has described his devastation after his wife aborted a child for the second time. “I feel so much pain that I want to be tried for murder… and I want the public to know that men also feel the pain of an abortion.”

A father from the region of Osaka in Japan is heartbroken after his wife convinced him they should abort a child for the second time. A previous child had also been aborted – the couple have two living children. The man from Osaka has now related his pain to an agony aunt column in Japan.

“I was forced to agree to an abortion”, wrote the anonymous man. “She cried aloud and said things like, ‘If I give birth, I will die’, or ‘I would abuse the child’.”

Following the second abortion, his wife, the man says, “seems to be in high spirits, as if she had a malignant tumor removed”.

But he “can’t wait to get a divorce… As a parent of two children, I am desperately trying to keep my feelings to myself. I still hold a grudge against her because after the abortion, she just said, ‘It’s OK as we have two.’”

Last January, SPUC reported on the heartbreaking story of a grief-stricken father from Croydon who lost his child, Joseph, to abortion.

“I grieved silently”, related Jean-Paul, the father of Joseph. “It’s so hard to explain the anger and frustration I felt… There is no regard for us men – our wishes or feelings are unimportant.”

A SPUC spokesperson said: “The helplessness of fathers who have lost children to abortion is rarely reported on in the media, but their heartbreak is real and just as deserving of attention as any victim of abortion.”

“It is up to us to help give fathers a voice and encourage more to speak out after having been robbed of a child, having no recourse but to bravely voice their grief to those who will listen, and listen we must.”