Where have we heard this before? Biden supports abortion because “no one know precisely when does human life begin”

By Dave Andrusko

Latest reports are that Democrats feel they have mined as much as they can extract from the abortion issue and are supposed to close ranks and talk about the economy, inflation, and arresting the rise of interest rates.

Somebody evidently forgot to tell pro-abortion President Joe Biden.

While in Florida campaigning for Democrats who face an uphill battle, Biden again insisted his Catholic faith was no hindrance to holding a pro-abortion position.

“I’m a practicing Catholic. I’ve supported Roe v. Wade,” he said. “And the reason I support Roe vs. Wade is the most rational basis upon which confessional faiths can agree: No one knows precisely when does human life begin.”

This hoary canard is so old you need to dust it off every time a Democrat pulls it out. Life begins at conception. Period. There is no disagreement when the life of an individual human being begins.

It was as if Biden was channeling Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor who during the Dobbs oral arguments said, “That’s a religious view, isn’t it?” She was referring to the pro-life view. The implication was probably that, because it’s “religious,” this view shouldn’t be reflected in our law.

Paul Stark, Communications Director for Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, observed.

Yet the pro-life position is about justice, not faith or dogma. Opposition to killing unborn humans is no more inherently “religious” than opposition to killing teenagers. Such opposition is supported by empirical science, which shows that embryos and fetuses are living members of our species, and by the principle that all human beings have human rights.

Secular pro-life comes to the same conclusion. “The human zygote is the first developmental stage in a human life cycle,” says Monica Snyder.

In the abortion debate, people treat this statement as if it were a belief, rather than a fact. They seem to assume the demarcation of the zygote as a human’s beginning is just one belief of many, brought up only to support an anti-abortion agenda.

But pro-lifers didn’t invent the idea that the zygote is the start; we’re merely acknowledging that already existing reality. And I notice that whenever biology comes up outside of the abortion debate, science communicators readily acknowledge this basic biological fact too.

Sorry, Mr. President, you’re wrong yet again.