Virginia Society for Human Life Congratulates Bishop Michael Burbidge on Appointment to Chair of USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities

Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL) is very pleased to see Arlington Diocese Bishop Burbidge elected to serve as the new chair for the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities.  Bishop Burbidge has been outspoken in his commitment to making pro-life issues a centerpiece of the activities in the Arlington Diocese and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  His commitment to helping mothers and babies through NoVA’s pregnancy services network is just part of the Diocesan focus.

Along with Bishop Knestout of the Richmond Diocese, he has helped to establish Virginia Defending Life Day as a successful day of advocacy at the Virginia General Assembly. VSHL was honored to be invited by the Virginia Catholic Conference and the two dioceses to help organize these powerful events in Richmond.

“I have had the pleasure to know Bishop Burbidge since he was Bishop of Raleigh, NC,” Olivia Gans Turner, President Virginia Society for Human Life said. “We met while we were both speaking at multiple pro-life events there. I knew he would bring that same dedication and compassion to protecting all innocent human life with him to Virginia. It has been exciting to see him expand pro-life efforts in Northern Virginia.”

Gans Turner added, “Pro-lifers of every faith and no faith congratulate him. The USCCB has made a good selection for this important position.” 

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