Pro-Abortion Campaigns Relied on Distortion and Lies in Key Messaging on Abortion

WASHINGTON — As the nation waits for the results in several key races across the country, one thing is clear: the Democratic Party is the party of unlimited abortion.

“Fearmongering was a key messaging tactic for Democrats in races across the country. Misinformation about pro-life protective legislation and falsehoods about the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Dobbs fueled pro-abortion campaigns,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “Despite the scare tactics, pro-life candidates made numerous gains and it appears that the United States House of Representatives will have a majority of pro-life members.”

President Biden and pro-abortion Democrats in Congress have made unlimited abortion a priority. They have reversed protective pro-life policies, worked to pass sweeping pro-abortion legislation that would make unlimited abortion the law of the land, and promoted abortion through government programs and activities.

This push for unlimited abortion carried over into this election cycle with well-funded misinformation campaigns.

“Pro-abortion groups and their allies in Congress know they cannot win with the truth,” said Tobias. “We saw unprecedented attacks using fabrications and misrepresentations against pro-life candidates. Pro-abortion Democratic leaders and their allies know that when people learn the truth about abortion, they lose, so they had to hide behind deception and spin.”