NPR airs shocking audio of an abortion as it is performed

By Dave Andrusko

Journalism hit a new—and very disturbing–low today: NPR played the audio of an abortion as it was performed, “complete with disturbing sounds of machinery vacuuming out the unborn child and the mother crying and moaning,” Caroline Downey reported. XStrategies’ Greg Price wrote

I almost didn’t want to tweet this but it’s something everyone needs to know. NPR on the radio this morning played audio of a woman getting an abortion. You can hear the vacuum turning on, crying, moaning, and the doctor telling her it’s done. Warning: It’s tough to listen to.

NPR matter of factly led into this atrocity with this: “Abortion rights are on the ballot in Michigan, which has already become a regional abortion haven. Kate Wells spent weeks observing procedures and talking to patients inside a clinic outside Detroit.”

Wells “did a voiceover while the abortion was occurring, so listeners were unable to make out conversation between the woman and medical staff,” Downey reported, “For nine days in October, ahead of the midterm elections, Wells shadowed the staff at an abortion clinic, Northland Family Planning in metro Detroit, Mich., and reported her findings in an extensive article. She told the stories of multiple women who came through the doors and left after their babies had been removed from their wombs.”

Wells tweeted her gratitude to the abortion clinic:

Abortion clinics are almost always closed to press. But a group of MI clinics generously allowed us to embed with them, b/c abortion rights are on the ballot in Michigan this Nov. But for the drs, staff and patients we met there, none of this was about politics.

Chris” asked the question we all would ask:

Why does Michigan Radio / NPR only do stories on abortion from only the pro-abortion side? So biased! Does NPR now stand for National Planned Parenthood Radio? This is why I stopped donating to Michigan Radio.

Needless to say, Wells didn’t back down.

Hi Chris, thanks for your response. I have to disagree that doing a story inside an abortion clinic is somehow “pro-abortion.” Abortion is on the ballot in Nov. I’d argue that getting to see what’s actually happening in clinics right now isn’t biased, it’s factual.

The timing was indeed no accident. Next week, citizens will vote up or down on Proposal 3, a genuinely radical pro-abortion amendment.

“The amendment would allow unborn babies to be aborted for basically any reason up to birth and allow anyone, including people without medical training, to assist with an abortion, according to the Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children, a pro-life coalition.

Wells relayed the story of a young woman 

who is already a mother to two toddlers, who she said had an abusive father. The woman, who was pregnant with twins, had an abortion performed the week she spoke to Wells. According to Wells, the woman told her existing children that she was carrying their siblings in her womb but would not be giving birth to them.

“My daughter was so cute. She said, ‘OK, well, maybe another time, maybe later,’” the woman told Wells. “I was like, ‘Yes, maybe later.’”

If you think you can handle it, you can listen here.