Life is on the Ballot. How will you vote?

By Karen Cross, Political Director

It is down to the wire. Election Day is this coming Tuesday, November 8th!

For months, pro-abortion Democrats have attempted to harness the issue of abortion—the taking of innocent unborn lives—to drive their supporters to polls. Much of the mainstream media has carried water for them as they falsely characterized pro-life candidates and the pro-life movement as “extreme.”

Despite all the smears, misinformation, and attack ads, our movement is undeterred. Pro-life candidates remain competitive in key battlegrounds across the country. We have a real opportunity to flip both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. To make this happen, we need to net just a handful of seats in the House and just one in the Senate. National Right to Life and its political committees are working diligently to educate voters and turn out the pro-life vote in key races. 

The Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats have made no secret about the radical pro-abortion agenda they will pursue if theyhold the House and expand their majority in the Senate.They want to eliminate the Hyde Amendment and force YOU to pay for abortions with your tax dollars. They are adamant about passinga federal bill (the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act) to enshrine unlimited abortion in federal law and policies.

Unlimited abortion for any reason, even up to the moment of birth. That’s truly extreme!  

For years, you have marched, prayed, made calls, signed petitions, and lobbied with National Right to Life for protective pro-life measures in your state. Across the country, these protections- thanks to your efforts – have saved countless lives and spared countless women and families unimaginable grief and heartache. The Democrats’ federal abortion bill would strike down virtually all of the existing state laws that you worked hard to pass, including parental involvement and informed consent laws.

That is what is at stake in this election.

Please vote on Tuesday, November 8th. And vote for Life!

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