Canadian Doctors Urged to Suggest Euthanasia

By Wesley J. Smith

What would it feel like if your doctor suggested euthanasia as a “treatment” for your medical problems? It would enervate hope, to say the least, and suggest that the doctor does not think your life worth living.

Well, this kind of seed-planting is exactly the approach that Canadian M.D.s are being urged to consider by a medical (I use the term loosely) group made up of death doctors. From the National Post story:

A guidance document produced by Canada’s providers of medically assisted death states that doctors have a professional obligation to bring up MAID as an option, when it’s “medically relevant” and the person is likely eligible, as part of the informed consent process . . .

The timing should be at the discretion of the doctor, the group recommends. In almost all cases, it would be inappropriate immediately upon delivery of a grim and irremediable diagnosis, they noted. “However, once options for all treatment options including cessation of treatment are presented to the patient, it would be appropriate to disclose the availability of MAID.” . . .

Not raising MAID could mean to deny people’s rights, Bowman said, “because there are people out there that think, ‘If I was eligible, (the doctor) would have brought it up.’” Those living in isolated areas, or people new to Canada, may not know assisted death is legal in this country, he said.

But here’s the thing. Lethal injection is “relevant” in Canada for almost any serious disability or illness — even loneliness while ill — and, starting next year, mental illness such as depression and schizophrenia. Indeed, there are very few meaningful restrictions, other than that against considering it for minors, although ground is being plowed to grow that noxious ethical weed.

It is also worth noting with regard to this story that the organ-donation organization in Ontario will contact those approved to be killed by their doctor to ask for their organs. So, we can perceive the scenario of a doctor suggesting you consider euthanasia and then, when you do, the organ people calling asking for your liver. No rushing in suicide prevention to save a life. No, a request for organ-harvesting.

More evidence that euthanasia corrupts everything it touches.

Editor’s note. Wesley’s great columns appear at National Review Online and are reposted with his permission.