“We get a lot of coercion into terminations” confesses abortion giant in “shameful” admission

SPUC has slammed “reckless” Marie Stopes International (MSI) after a surge in domestic abuse and coerced abortions that MSI “had a hand in making”

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

MSI Reproductive Choices, one of the UK’s abortion giants, has reported a 23 per cent surge in domestic abuse reports to its call centre.

MSI statistics show that there were 1,206 reports of domestic abuse in 2021, compared with 984 in 2020.

Ailish McEntee, MSI’s chief midwife, blamed recent lockdowns for the rise, while adding that many women were consequently stuck in “pressure cooker homes” – which also, she confessed, resulted in many coerced abortions.

“We get a lot of coercion into terminations”, McEntee said.

86% of General Practitioners in Britain said they were concerned about the risk of coercion in abortion decisions because of the DIY abortion scheme, SPUC recently reported, while 70% of respondents to the Government consultation on the scheme wanted it to end immediately.

This year, a “devastating” survey commissioned by the BBC also revealed that 15% of UK women have been subject to pressure or coercion to have an abortion they did not want.

“Reckless MSI Reproductive Choices laments the shocking but unsurprising surge in domestic abuse and coerced abortions in the UK, despite advocating for DIY home abortion that puts vulnerable women at even more risk from abusive partners,” a SPUC spokesperson said.

“Not incidentally, this coincides with a picture of coerced abortion across the UK – when abortion is at an all-time high: 214,256 in England and Wales in 2021 alone.

“It is shameful for MSI to feign concern for these women whose suffering pro-abortion ideologues have had a hand in making through a policy that has given abusers free rein.

“It is also of note that there is no mention of how MSI helps the women who are victims of this abuse, if they formally screen for coercion, or if they present any meaningful alternatives to abortion.

“Despite confessing that coerced abortion is now widespread, MSI disgracefully continues with a scheme that has turned the home into an abuser’s paradise – in what amounts to hell for countless women.”