Three cheers for the large turnout at Kentucky’s  Yes for Life Rally

By Kentucky Right to Life 

Our Yes for Life Rally was a blast of encouragement— Thank you to all who attended! There were other places we could have been on a beautiful Saturday in the autumn, but what is more beautiful than the unborn children of our state?

We hear and read the mainstream media telling us to vote against Amendments 2 and 1. Amendment 1 would allow our legislators to call themselves back into Session in emergency situations. Currently, Gov. Beshear alone has that privilege and has used it to mandate emergency regulations, yet none to close any abortion clinics.

Amendment 2 provides that our Constitution, like the U.S. Constitution, does not include a right to abortion, as was “invented” in Roe v. Wade in 1973. Take a stand against activist judges!

Be sure to share with friends and associates that Yes on #2 has no effect on medical emergencies of women who are pregnant. These ladies are protected by current law.

Thank you to all speakers, pro-life groups, pastors, performers, exhibitors, volunteers and citizens who helped to lift up the banner of Yes for Life! See more photos here.

Our loudspeakers were more insistent than the Bans off our Bodies bullhorns! Keep up the good work with door-to-door campaigning and yard signs! Let’s all pray for Amendment #2 to pass.

Some parts of our state will soon hear and see media ads promoting Yes for Life.

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