Rebuilding the culture by serving as a witness to life

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

You never know when an introduction to a new acquaintance can change the world as you know it.

A woman whom I will call Francesca had been introduced to me through a mutual acquaintance. We happen to have a great deal in common—we are both mothers and share all the happiness and heart-racing moments that that vocation entails.

Francesca was curious about my work advocating for mothers and their babies. We had a long, productive talk and both emerged the better for it.

She told me that, as a result of our meeting, she has become more attuned to pro-life issues. So when she learned of a woman who was contemplating abortion, she knew she needed to have a candid conversation with her.

Francesca discovered that the young woman had been threatened with being thrown out of her home if she did not go through with the abortion. This is all too common—one study found that 60 percent of pregnant women who aborted felt coerced into aborting their children.

Francesca stressed to the woman that a lack of housing could be solved—but the life of her precious child could never be replaced.

As a result, the young woman chose life for her baby.

And so, the world has now been changed, because one precious, irreplaceable person is being added to it.

We often underestimate the power of our words to affirm life.

Francesca wisely recognized that she could provide hope and help to a pregnant woman facing challenging circumstances, just in the course of a single conversation.

The experience has made me more attuned to the importance of connections in saving lives. I connected with Francesca, and Francesca connected with the young woman. And through that circle of connection a life has been saved.

Each of us can do our part in rebuilding the culture by serving as a witness to life. In both our words and our actions, we will make America a safe haven for the littlest and most fragile among us.