Media Bias

Incredibly large shift of conservative Latinos from Democrats to Republicans

By Dave Andrusko

You will almost always find more interesting stories on the “Meet the Press Blog” than you will on “Meet the Press,” moderated by the insufferable Chuck Todd.

This ran yesterday on the blog; I just saw it a few minutes ago. It is story and headline that would have been impossible a few years back:

This one demographic has driven much of the GOP’s gains with Latino voters

Conservative Latinos have gone from Democratic-leaning voters in 2012 to base GOP voters now.

The opening paragraph to Mark Murray’s and Alexandra Marquez’s story reads, “Of all the numbers from our recent NBC News/Telemundo poll of Latino voters, this set maybe stands out the most: Conservative Latinos have gone from Democratic-leaning voters in 2012 to Republican base voters now.”

They compare 2012 to now and there is an astonishing shift:

In the merged NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls of 2012, 49% of self-described conservative Latinos said they preferred Democratic control of Congress, versus 40% who wanted Republicans in charge — a 9-point edge for Democrats. 

But in our Sept. 2022 NBC News/Telemundo poll, a whopping 73% of conservative Latinos say they prefer Republicans in control of Congress, versus 17% who prefer Democrats — a 56-point advantage for the GOP. 

Good news. Latinos natural home is with the party of life.

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