The real extremists on abortion, Democrats try to falsely pin that label on Republicans

By Dave Andrusko

Democrats are approaching the final frontier of abortion advocacy. They are almost open about approving of abortion up until birth, although when pressed they demur. Of course they want the taxpayer to fund abortion. And the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” would eviscerate virtually all state legislation protecting unborn children.

Yet we are told repeated that it is Republicans who are out of step with the American people. Stephanie Ebbert of the Boston Globe headlines her story “Beyond Roe: Republicans try to paint Democrats as the extremists.”

Understand, in the world of abortion apologists, up is down, black is white, and truth a lie. For example

But Democrats are not advocating for “abortion up until birth.” The Women’s Health Protection Act they backed in Congress would codify abortion only until the point of viability — the same marker Roe v. Wade established in 1973. The bill would allow later abortions when there are risks to the patient’s life or health.

“Or health.” That is “the same marker” which the abortion industry has used for nearly 40 years to push abortion up until the end of pregnancy.

However, after assuring us that Democrats are “reasonable,” Ebbert pivots to ask

But where would Democrats draw the line on elective abortion? It’s a valid question, one that Democrats are not inclined to answer right now, when they control both chambers of Congress and seem to be winning the partisan public debate over abortion right.

She circles around the question and concludes she’s not ready to “answer right now,” either! Like virtually all Democrats, Ebbert doesn’t specify any circumstances in which an abortion should be prevented. None.

Who are the real extremists?