Texas Supreme Court accepts advisory committee’s recommendation, keeps judicial bypass abortion rule for minors

By Dave Andrusko

In light of the Texas’ near total ban on abortion, Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht asked an advisory committee to consider and make a recommendation whether parental notification rules still applied–allowing minors to get a judge’s approval for an abortion without parental consent.

The committee of around 50 people unanimously voted to “advise the Texas Supreme Court to keep the judicial bypass rule in place, after its legislative mandates subcommittee discussed the rule in a meeting,” according to Court House News.

The High Court accepted their recommendation while cautioning that minors must adhere to the state’s new abortion restrictions that are in place under Texas’s trigger law, House Bill 1280. The law allows an abortion if a pregnancy places a woman at risk of death or poses a risk of “substantial impairment” of a major bodily function.

“Texas is one of 35 states that require one or both of a minor’s parents to be involved in her abortion but have a judicial bypass procedure allowing them, absent any consent from a parent, to get approval from a court,” Cameron Langford reported.