NBC Reports ‘Latinos Shifting to The GOP’, Asks Dem Senator Why

By Kevin Tober 

In a random act of journalism, Thursday night’s edition of NBC Nightly News ran a segment on the ongoing exodus of Latino voters abandoning the Democrat Party and voting for Republicans. This trend isn’t just relegated to Florida Hispanics, as NBC pointed out, there are more voters shifting towards the GOP. 

“Less than 50 days until the mid-terms Latino voters are more coveted than ever including right here in battleground Nevada where they’re expected to make up 1 out of every 5 voters,” correspondent Guad Venegas announced at the top of the report. 

Venegas added that Republicans are “optimistic with more Latinos shifting to the GOP in 2020.” He then interviewed Washo County resident Sydney Martinez, “who says she’s voting Republican this year, blaming Democrats for soaring inflation and a weakening economy.” 

Martinez in a soundbite from the interview told NBC “I have to pay more to fill my tank, and I don’t have enough to feed my family. That’s not a political issue. That is a survival issue.” 

“Republicans proudly tout Mira Flores, a Latino Republican who recently won a Democratic-held House seat in largely Hispanic south Texas,” Venegas added.

He then noted that “In Nevada, the race for Senate is a toss-up. Democrats’ hopes resting on incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto, the only Latina ever elected to the Senate.”  

Turning to endangered Democrat incumbent SenatorCortez Masto, Venegas actually asked her  “why are more Latinos preferring the Republicans now? What is happening in Nevada?”

In response, Cortez Masto played dumb and pretended to not know the backlash in the Hispanic demographic against Democrats: “I can only tell you what I know in Nevada and the Latinos I talk to may be different than the Latinos you’re talking to. Is that they’re looking for somebody that understands the challenges that they’re facing, is going to fight for them.” 

Credit to NBC News for covering the Democrat Party’s worsening problems with Hispanic voters due to their economic failures and insistence on imposing their woke transgender ideology on the country instead of covering it up like they normally do. 

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.