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California Gov. Newsome signs 13 bills to “streamline” delivery of abortion

By Dave Andrusko

California’s pro-abortion Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed 13 bills, “streamlining” the process for women in state and out to obtain abortions. Several states are competing for the title of King of Abortion with California taking the early lead in proudly facilitating the deaths of massive numbers of unborn children.

As one very much understated account put it, “Gov. Gavin Newsom signed bills aimed at strengthening California’s already robust abortion-rights protections.” These newly signed laws “also set the stage for a November vote to enshrine abortion rights directly into California’s Constitution under Proposition l,” Melody Gutierrez reported for The Los Angeles Times.

Newsom’s signatures were expected after the governor advocated for many of the measures and come after California launched a publicly funded website this month to make it easier for those seeking to end their pregnancy to find services and financial assistance. The state announced the website — at — the same day that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina pushed for a nationwide abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy with rare exceptions.

Two of the 15 bills the legislature send Newsom– SB 245 and AB 1666–were previously signed into law “while some signed Tuesday were already funded in the budget passed in June.” The budget, Gutierrez explained “included $200 million in new spending for reproductive health care services and outreach.” 

SB 1142 authored by Sen. Anna Caballero  was among the bills signed Tuesday “which required the state to create the abortion services website launched earlier this month.”

As Newsom’s brags on his website

As other states throughout the country outlaw abortion and criminalize patients and doctors, California continues to lead the nation’s fight for reproductive health care access and privacy. …

California continues to take historic steps towards its promise to be a Reproductive Freedom state – not just protecting access to abortion care in the face of Roe v. Wade being overturned, but moving forward centering equity and expanding access to help people, regardless of where they call home, get the essential care they want or need here in California.

Besides a boatload of new money, the new laws include SB 1375 which “will allow trained nurse practitioners to perform first trimester abortions without the supervision of a physician”; ” AB 2223, which “would prohibit a coroner from holding an inquest after a fetal death, including in cases in which drugs are suspected as causing a stillbirth”;  and AB 1242, “which prohibits state law enforcement agencies from helping with out-of-state abortion investigations.”

In addition, this fall there is “a measure on the ballot that would explicitly protect a person’s right to an abortion,” Gutierrez wrote. “The UC Berkeley IGS poll found 7 in 10 voters support that measure, Proposition 1.”

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