Activist Judge blocks Ohio’s Heartbeat Law

By Allie Frazier, Executive Director, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio

I’m sorry to say that I have bad news for you today.

Ohio’s Heartbeat Law, which went into effect almost immediately after Roe v. Wade fell in June, has been again blocked by an activist judge in Hamilton County.

You can read an article about this ruling which includes the decision text here.

Ohio’s Heartbeat Law made it illegal to kill a preborn baby by abortion after her heartbeat can be detected. This pro-life protection is incredibly important for our state and since its implementation this summer, Northeast Ohio Women’s Center’s business has decreased by 50%. Additionally, Women’s Med Center in Dayton, a notoriously evil facility with deep connections to brutal late term abortion procedures, had announced plans to close in the wake of Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill becoming law. Now, they have said they plan to resume “surgeries” next week. Oh God have mercy.

Although this ruling is devastating, this block is only in place for the next 14 days, and we are still hopeful that the Heartbeat Bill will ultimately be upheld.

However, friend for life, we need you to pray.

Please pray that this block will not last, and that the Heartbeat Law will be upheld. Please pray fervently for our state and for all the preborn babies whose lives are now hanging helplessly in the balance.

Within this two-week span, abortion facilities will be working double-time to cash in on as many abortion-vulnerable women as possible. The pressure of this rapidly evolving situation will most likely cause women to obtain abortions quickly out of fear. Please, please pray for these women facing this life and death decision. Pray that God will protect them and their babies and foil the plans of the abortion industry.

Don’t give up hope, friends. We are in this for the long haul and we WILL end abortion in our state.

Stay strong!

For Life.

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