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Ohio Right to Life Strongly Condemns Columbus City Council ordinance targeting crisis pregnancy Center

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Ohio Right to Life has responded to Columbus City Council’s recently approved ordinance no. 2215-2022. The ordinance was approved on July 25th, 2022, and is one of several ordinances which compose the city council’s larger initiative to protect so-called “reproductive healthcare” for pregnant women. 

The Ordinance authorizes a partnership with Pro-Choice Ohio to investigate the medical legitimacy of Crisis Pregnancy Centers. The ordinance states that this attack will be funded by $26,500 of taxpayer funds, taken from the Neighborhood Initiative subfund.

“I have personally worked with dozens of pregnancy centers across the state of Ohio during my years of pro-life work,” says Ohio Right to Life’s Executive Director Peter Range. “The individuals who work at these pregnancy centers are some of the most kind, caring, competent, and loving individuals that you could encounter.

He continued, “I invite each city council member in the state of Ohio to visit with me their local pregnancy centers so they can see firsthand the amazing work they are doing for mothers, fathers, and babies in need.”

Ohio Right to Life’s Director of Communications Elizabeth Whitmarsh strongly condemned the ordinance, stating “the targeting of pregnancy resource centers will put vulnerable women at risk and strip them of the resources they need on a day-to-day basis.” She went on to say, “The obvious truth here is that the anti-life activists do not care about women in need, and in fact, they are willing to put them at risk of survival if it means they can silence pro-life voices.” Range shared similar sentiments: “The fact that these pregnancy centers are under attack is a clear illustration the left is not focused on women’s health, but just expanding abortion.”

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