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A welcomed balanced account of what happened to the “Value Them Both” amendment in Kansas

By Dave Andrusko

You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of balanced stories detailing the August 2nd defeat of the pro-life “Value Them Both” amendment in Kansas. The writers simply were too overjoyed to pay much attention to what National Right to Life had to contribute. When they did, our perspective was swallowed up in a sea of dismissive comments from delighted pro-abortionists.

Which is why I was more than pleasantly surprised by Kaitlin Lewis’s Newsweek story which was headlined “Pro-life Groups Blame Kansas Amendment Loss on Abortion Industry’ Campaign.” She actually quoted us…accurately!

We are much more aware of the effect of the pro-abortion distortions and misinformation that helped the abortion industry win the Kansas referendum,” the NRLC said in a statement to Newsweek, “including the misinformation that pro-life legislation would prevent treatment of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies or measures to save a woman’s life.”

“All of those assertions by the abortion lobby are false,” the NRLC added.

And, by the way, while it may have been in quotation marks, the “abortion industry” is what we rightly call the multiple billion dollar abortion complex.

Of course, there was more to our critique. (See here). For example, NRLC President Carol Tobias’s full quote about the Kansas amendment was

“Sadly, thousands and thousands of babies will die in Kansas. Lies about ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages, and false claims that women who have abortions would be prosecuted, promulgated by the media and the abortion industry resulted in a tragic loss for women and their unborn babies.

“Contrary to those lies, pro-life legislation allows the removal of ectopic pregnancies and other procedures to save the life of the mother, the treatment of miscarriages, and does not impose any penalties on women who have abortions. Over 70 pro-life organizations signed a statement opposing criminal penalties for women who have abortions.”

Likewise for the response of the Value Them Both coalition. But the point is Lewis DID include parts of it:

Other pro-life groups, such as the Value Them Both Coalition, released a statement following the primary election as well, reiterating that “over the last six months, Kansans endured an onslaught of misinformation from radical left organizations that spent millions of out-of-state dollars to spread lies about the Value Them Both Amendment.”

“Sadly, the mainstream media propelled the left’s false about the amendment,” the statement read.

A tiny against-the-conventional-wisdom contribution? Maybe, but getting the truth out has to start somewhere. This story is as good as any to begin to correct the narrative.

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