Well done faithful servant!

For a time, such as this ProLife Kentucky!

By Addia Kathryn Wuchner, Executive Director Kentucky Right to Life & The Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky

On Friday our nation eradicated one of its most terrible wrongs. The prayers of millions of prolife Americans have been answered as the Supreme Court begins to recognize the rights, inherent dignity and humanity of every precious child. Roe was wrong the day it was handed down, and yesterday’s decision sets course for a new generation of life in Post-Roe America.

A time such as this…as our hearts rejoice, after 49 years it may take more than a few hours for the reality to settle in minds.

I have received so many calls and beautiful messages. I know you join me today in a prayer of thanksgiving for this historic and life-saving triumph!

So many years. Thousands upon thousands of prayers. Thousands of hours on the sidewalks. Thousands of advocates, and hours on our knees to change hearts. So many hearts united for this moment in time. So many hours in the halls of Frankfort, so legislative sessions and bills proposed and passed. Over 296,000 Kentucky babies lost and generations of Kentuckians missing. But you never gave up.

For all those years, you never lost hope! Your love for those small precious lives, their mothers and dads inspired hearts and provided the way! The flame of hope illuminated your path, your prayers and your work. You may never know all the lives you touched just by your prayers and presence. From my heart, there aren’t words to express the emotions of gratitude for each of you, that fills my soul at this time.

For 50 years, Kentucky Right to Life, our chapters, our members and prolife friends have been the face of the Commonwealth’s ProLife Movement as a proud and prayerful witness for humanity in the public square. Today’s joy is a testament to the courage and dedication of each one of you living our mission to change hearts and save lives.

Today we Celebrate, and Tomorrow We Solidify Our Victory

We rejoice in this long-awaited victory. But now our work to uphold the “cause of life” truly begins; heal our culture and reclaim the culture of life.

We have one more critical step for Kentucky…

On November 8th, every Kentuckian will have the opportunity to stand up for our prolife values and vote Yes for Life. This ProLife Constitutional Amendment is critical to guaranteeing we don’t fall victim to another tragedy of judicial activism like Roe here in Kentucky. Voting “YES” on Constitutional Amendment Number Two is our opportunity to ensure no judge puts his own politics above the will of the people and invents a right to abortion in our Commonwealth.

In the coming months, Kentucky Right to Life and our partners in the Yes for Life Alliance will tirelessly engage prolife Kentuckians in every corner of our Commonwealth on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We hope you will join us in sharing your reasons for voting Yes for Life in your family, churches, and communities.

To ensure that Friday’s celebration isn’t undercut by a judge who doesn’t speak for Kentucky, we need everyone to vote Yes on Constitutional Amendment Number Two. Together, we can officially make Kentucky a bold, prolife state this November.

Thank you and God bless you, for your unwavering commitment to protecting the most vulnerable in our midst.

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