‘Savage monster’ accused of killing pregnant woman and her eight month old unborn baby

By Dave Andrusko

Alton police Chief Marcos Pulido holds up a photo of murder victim Liese A. Dodd, 22.
Alton Police Department via Facebook

A 22-year-old man faces two first-degree murder charges in the death of Liese Dodd and two charges of intentional homicide of an unborn child in the death of Dodd’s daughter. 

Dodd, also 22, was almost eight months pregnant with her first child. 

Dodd was decapitated, her head found by police in a dumpster near her home. Deundrea Holloway is being held on $2 million bail.

Alton police Chief Marcos Pulido called Holloway a monster, according to Kim Bell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“What was observed, what was learned, what was found, is absolutely terrible,” the chief said in an emotional video describing the crime. “She was decapitated by a freaking savage monster,” 

Heidi Noel, Dodd’s mother, “worried that she hadn’t heard from her daughter, went to check on her before 1 p.m. The mother discovered the horrid scene at Dodd’s apartment in the 3400 block of Bolivar Street in Alton,” Bell reported. “Dodd had recently moved into one of the apartments inside a house there.”

Noel told KMOV “that she had been checking on her daughter every day because of the tumultuous nature of her relationship with Holloway — and decided to head over to the apartment because ‘there was quite a time span that she hadn’t responded to me,’” Yaron Steinbuch of the New York Post reported.

Holloway was arrested by Gillespie police “in connection with an unrelated case — a bicycle theft 30 miles from the murder scene,” the Post-Dispatch reported.

“Holloway had no blood on his clothing nor anything that raised suspicions about something more sinister, DePoppe said. “Gillespie police booked Holloway into the Macoupin County Jail as a ‘John Doe,’ not knowing he was connected to anything in Alton. Only later did jail officials find out who he was,” Bell reported.

In Illinois, “prosecutors use the two counts of murder for one victim to give the jury an option,” Bell explained. “It revolves around what the killer’s intent was. One of the murder charges alleges that Holloway intended to kill her or knew his action would cause her death; the second count hinges on the strong probability it would kill her. The jury can’t pick both.”

Steinbuch story ended with Dodd’s mother” expressed relief that the accused killer has been charged.”

“I’m glad that he’s off the streets, and that is my big hope is that he’s no longer able to do this to anyone else,” Noel told KMOV, adding that she is planning a celebration of life for Dodd and her baby.

“I truly appreciate the support, and I just wish she would’ve known how loved she was,” she told the outlet.

“That she wouldn’t have ever been alone, [and] that she could’ve gotten out of this relationship and had a full life,” Noel added.