Panel lays out “The Guide to Winning for Life” at NRLC General Session

By Dave Andrusko

Left to right. Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach, NRL Executive Director David N. O’Steen, Karen Cross, Political Director, and Carol Tobias, NRL President

In a Saturday morning General Session, a panel of experienced pro-life office holders and right to life champions provided years of insight in laying “The guide to winning for Life.”

The theme was urgent and straightforward: the 2022 Mid-term elections are of paramount importance. Yesterday’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health “gave us freedom,” said NRL Executive Director Dr. David N. O’Steen, “the freedom to protect unborn children.”

But “when evil is cornered, it comes back ferociously,” he continued. “We have a real struggle before us.”

The freedom we gained on June 24 “can so easily be lost” if pro-lifers do not take back the House and Senate. Pro-abortion Democrats would attempt to pack the Supreme Court, pass radical legislation such as the absurdly named “Women’s Health Protection Act,” and add two or four more Democrat to the Senate by conferring statehood on the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, O’Steen said.

Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach (R-Mn.) said the Dobbs decision overturning Roe and Casey finally admitted what prolifers have known for almost a half-century: the decisions are “garbage.” She grew emotionally when she called on those who were active in 1973 to raise their hands. “You know life is precious” and must be defended, she said.

Fischbach cautioned that we “can’t slowdown” in the fight and that we must “redouble our efforts.”

Political Director Karen Cross reminded us there are 136 days until the elections and that our focus has to be there, above all else. Cross said that Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s List, and NARAL have pledged to spend a $150 million to elect pro-abortionist. She quipped, “They need a $150 million just to lose to us.”

NRL President Carol Tobias encouraged pro-lifers to continue to fight the good fight. She said that pro-abortionists continue to consistently underestimate our staying power and determination.

She pointed out that pro-abortionist have taken refuge in the misnomer that they merely wish to “codify Roe.” But she drew applause when she said “there is no Roe” to codify after Thursday’s Supreme Court decision.

Tobias ended her remarks by calling on all pro-lifers to pray, work hard, and to make the next 136 days count.

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