More than 100,000 March for Life in Madrid, cite Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe as evidence “that the debate on the culture of life is by no means over”

By Dave Andrusko

The ripple effect internationally of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade was on display June 26 when over 100,000 people marched for life in Madrid.

Jaime Mayor Oreja, a member of the pro-life organization NEOS, said “the repeal of abortion in the United States shows us that the debate on the culture of life is by no means over. We are going to be more present, united, and active than ever.”

He added, “It’s essential to mobilize and defend the Christian foundations of our society in the face of relentless social disorder. We’re not here today in a debate about the past but to raise awareness and prepare for the debate of the future.”

Abortion is legal up to 14 weeks in Spain. In 2019, 99,149 abortions were reported to have taken place in the country. But changes to the abortion law were approved by Spain’s Council of Ministers on May 17, the government’s executive branch. 

“Among other things, the bill would allow girls ages 16 and 17 to get an abortion without parental consent,” according to the Catholic News Agency. Carmen Fernández de la Cigoña, director of the Center for University Studies’ Institute for Family Studies, said that the authorities “want to make us see it as moral that 16-year-old girls can go get an abortion without their families knowing about it, the people who love them the most and care about them the most.”

“Fernández de la Cigoña said the government wants to change reality and say that ‘killing is good and compassionate’ while ‘caring, praying, helping those who need a helping hand is instead bad,” the Catholic News Agency reported.

“You cannot decide who lives and who dies or push society to do so. Because every life matters,” she said.

The bill goes next to the Congress of Deputies (lower house) for debate and a vote. The law then moves on to the Senate.

According to Nayeli Rodríguez, national coordinator of the 40 Days for Life campaign in Spain — “representing the more than 200 organizations that joined together for the march” — “more than 2.5 million abortions have been performed in Spain since the abortion law went into effect in 1985.”

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