Joe Biden

How far can President Biden’s job approval numbers sink?

By Dave Andrusko

You wonder how far President Biden’s job approval will fall? Where’s the bottom? 

The headline for Wednesday’s Reuters story is “Biden approval falls fourth straight week, tying record low”—36%–“matching its lowest level last seen in late May”! Reporter Rose Horowitch addresses the political impact immediately:

The president’s approval rating has stayed below 50% since August, a warning sign that his Democratic Party could lose control of at least one chamber of the U.S. Congress in the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

But that’s not the worse news for President Biden. The latest  Quinnipiac poll [] has his job approval at 33%. But it gets worse for the President.

The headline for a story written by Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey [] is “Q-poll: Biden crashing hardest among young voters, Hispanics.”

The New York Post writes, “The survey, conducted June 3-6, found that 22% of Americans ages 18-34 approve of Biden’s performance — the lowest rating of any age group. Just 24% of Hispanic voters and 49% of black voters said they approve of Biden’s work.” These are demographics that ought to lead to panic among any Democrat.

Morrissey hones in the responses to questions about the economy:

Quinnipiac asks several questions specific to the economy, and among the most intriguing is which aspect of the economy worries respondents more. By far and away, the biggest concern is the price of gas and goods at 63%, followed by housing/rent at 17% and the stock market at 11%.

What is devastating to President Biden comes next:

And then Quinnipiac asks respondents to rate how much control a president has over inflation, and the news there is bad for the Putin’s Price Hike White House. Sixty-nine percent of all adults think a president has some or a lot of control over inflation, while only 31% think a president has a little or none at all. Among women, it’s 72/27, and among Hispanics it’s 71/29, two demographics on which Democrats have long counted for electoral support.

Attempts to shift the blame have not worked. 

Coming full circle, we’ll close with Morrissey’s summation of the precipitous decline in Hispanic support :

Biden’s low of 29/53 with Hispanics is an utter disaster for Democrats running in November, especially since strong disapproval in this demo more than doubles his strong approval (15/37).

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