Delaware House passes law that will increase the number of abortion and allow non-physicians to abort babies

By Dave Andrusko

The Delaware House of Representative has passed and sent on to the state Senate a bill which removes what few limitations there are on abortion in the state. HB 455 was approved easily on Tuesday with 24 yes votes and 13 no.

WGMD News’ Jim Fritz put the best possible spin on the wildly pro-abortion legislation. “Organizers like Melissa Froemming went to legislative hall pushing for House Bill 455 to be heard. It would expand access of reproductive health services, including abortions,” he said. “And provide protections for those providing or seeking them.”

In fact, HB 455 contains many of the same provisions that other Blue states have proposed and in some cases passed..

For example, “HB 455 would expand the field of qualified medical professionals who can perform abortions to include physician assistants and certified nurse practitioners and nurse midwives who are approved by the Board of Nursing,” WGMD News reported. “HB 455 includes legal protections for providers, organizations, and patients, including out-of-state residents receiving abortion care in Delaware.”

At a committee hearing last week, opponents expressed their deep reservations, including questions about parental consent. 

In addition, “I feel sorry for people that support this kind of legislation, I really do,” Rep. Richard Collins said. “I don’t understand the code that says one thing in one place and we are told in another place it says something completely different. It makes no sense, but it does kind of lead to what I say and that is and I know this is going to be offensive, but I’ve had discussion with our own attorneys about this and he agrees that attorneys can make anything legal, but anyways there’s some serious problems here with this language.”

Last month, Rep. Tim Dukes (R) Laurel said he’ll oppose legislation like this.  “I think this is just a matter of will we protect the most the vulnerable and innocent people in society?” he said.