Baby dies after his mother took an abortion pill when she was 30 weeks pregnant

By Dave Andrusko

Much is still a mystery—how did the British women secure the first of two abortion-inducing, for example—but the result was a dead baby who was 30 weeks old. The Christian Institute writes

The mother arrived at York Hospital after she had already taken the first abortion pill (mifepristone), and gave birth in a hospital toilet. It is not clear how she procured the pill.

According to reports, the coroner said it was not clear whether any scans had taken place to determine how far along the pregnancy was before the woman took the pill.

The coroner concluded that if the real length of the pregnancy had been correctly identified and if Ronnie had been born in an appropriate setting, he would have likely survived.

If a woman or girl is believed to be less than ten weeks pregnant, she  “can have unsupervised home abortions in England without any scan following only a phone or video consultation.”

Women were permitted unsupervised home abortions in England as an “emergency” Covid provision. Earlier this year, Parliament voted to make this permanent.

This takes place against the findings of The National Network of Designated Health Care Professionals which “recorded 47 cases of home abortions beyond the 10-week limit since March 2020. In twelve of these the children had been born with signs of life.”

“According to a coroner’s inquest, the mother from East Yorkshire believed she was only twelve weeks pregnant when she decided to have an abortion.”