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New York Magazine touts helping readers get an abortion with front-page guide for women

New York Magazine guide provides info on how to evade the law in states where abortion becomes illegal

By Nikolas Lanum 

Editor’s note. This appeared in Fox News.

Ilya Shapiro, author of ‘Supreme Disorder,’ says he would be shocked if the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that didn’t reverse Roe v. Wade after the draft opinion was leaked. 

New York Magazine dedicated its entire front-page Monday to help readers get abortions, offering women a “practical guide” to access the procedure “today and tomorrow.” 

“This magazine can help you get an abortion,” the cover reads in bright yellow letters atop a tangelo background. 

The magazine’s front-page is headlined by an article from Irin Carmon, who provided a “future of abortions in America” access guide. The guide includes an interactive map of the U.S., and offers information on abortion clinics and laws by state, as well as the stories of women speaking out in favor of the right to choose.  

“The legal right to abortion is likely to disappear in half the country in a matter of weeks. Abortion itself, and the need for it, will not, and never has. The question is what it will cost medically, financially — and criminally,” Carmon said at the top of the piece. 

Carmon added that although the end of Roe will cause “unimaginable suffering,” the good news is that an in today’s world, an abortion “outside the blessing of the law” is no longer as dangerous or as disproportionate in its impact on minority women. 

“Modern pharma and the old-fashioned USPS now enable an early pregnancy to end safely at home — that is, if you can evade surveillance and law enforcement, which have already criminalized people, mostly women of color, for their pregnancy outcomes, even where abortion is technically legal,” Carmon wrote.

The writer then included an in-text link on two separate articles from the magazine, one on how to acquire an at home medication-abortion regimen, and another on how to evade the eyes of the law by adhering to specific online privacy measures. 

The New York Magazine’s website homepage also promoted their new issue, instructing women on how to acquire an abortion in an “increasingly hostile environment,” and a “life after Roe.”

The homepage also touted two other links underneath the magazine’s leading article. These include instructions on how to find an abortion, and how to get help for your abortion.

This is not the first time liberal magazines have dedicated extensive resources towards promoting information on abortion and criticizing pro-lifers. 

On May 3, VICE’s “Motherboard” Twitter account tweeted out a link to an article about an anarchist group’s decision to release detailed instructions for making abortion pills, detailing specifics of the process to its readers.  

Meanwhile, just 10 days later, an interactive opinion piece from The New York Times framed Crisis Pregnancy Centers (C.P.C.s) as “deceptive” organizations that engage in medical “misinformation,” and urged individuals to take action in defunding them. 

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