Largely euphemism-free, story bluntly writes about “other options” if Roe is overturned

By Dave Andrusko

When discussing chemically-induced abortions, ordinarily pro-abortionist bask in euphemisms—“medication abortion” and “procedural abortion” (instead of surgical abortions)–and assurances that the two drug abortion technique is no more painful that a “heavy period.”

But not for Kara Grant’s and Saundra Young’s article written for WebMD Health News titled “If Abortion Becomes Banned, Women Still Have Some Options.” For the most part, they lay out what some “other options” entail in blunt terms.

For example, “They’re limited, and some are of questionable legality, but advocates and others are working to make sure women know: They’re not alone.”

Or that “The FDA approved the use of medication to end a pregnancy up to 10 weeks of gestation, but the World Health Organization suggests that the two-pill plan may be safe and effective up to 14 weeks.”

“May be safe.”

Then there is Diane Horvath, MD, an “OB/GYN who provides abortions and other gynecological care in Maryland and Alabama.”

“Illegal doesn’t mean unsafe,” she says. “We have this idea of the coat hanger in the back alley, and that was a reality for a lot of people, but that was before we had these really great medications with very low compilation rates.”

“Really great medications.”

“A 2017 study found that it’s possible to get legitimate and effective abortion medications online without a prescription, even when the legality of the process is dubious,” Grant and Young write. “But the researchers did come across security concerns that could result in legal action.”

Even when the legality of the process is dubious.”

One other very candid detail. “Patients who are given the option to have a medication abortion are often told that the process resembles a very painful, intense menstrual cycle,” they write. “But without medical help and prescription pain medication, the abortion may be even more agonizing.”

“Emma” couldn’t afford both drugs (mifepristone and misoprostol) but “knew a friend who had gotten over-the-counter misoprostol from Mexico, so she reached out. She was able to get 12 pills of misoprostol to be taken every 3 hours.”

Emma made another appointment with her local Planned Parenthood, scheduling an abortion management appointment rather than an appointment for abortion care. She remained vague during the appointment, only disclosing to the providers that she had a previous positive pregnancy test and has since had bleeding and other symptoms of a miscarriage.

Horvath, the OB/GYN who practices in Maryland and Alabama, says this tactic is a completely legal and safe way to avoid the threat of criminal charges.

“There’s no way to tell if your symptoms are from a miscarriage or from an abortion,” Horvath says. “I’m not telling you to lie to your health care providers. I am telling you that if you choose to withhold information for your own safety, that is something that’s OK to do. You don’t ever have to feel obligated at any point in time to disclose.”

When the clinic practitioners confirmed she was still pregnant,

“Emma said the focus shifted to the health of her pregnancy and prenatal care. But she knew she didn’t want to carry the pregnancy any further. As she was sitting in the clinic, with her medical gown still on, she began to contact her friend. They were eventually able to track down the combination of mifepristone and misoprostol. Emma said the medication abortion was extremely painful, but it was successful.”

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