Pro-choicer: abortion is the loss of a “distinct life”

By Sarah Terzo

Pro-choice advocate Margaret Olivia Little:

“Even at early stages, human life has a value worthy of respect. Miscarriage or abortion represents a loss. Not just a loss for those with hopes of a child, but the loss of a distinct life that had a good in at least the organismic sense and that was, as it were, on its way to becoming one of us.”

Margaret Olivia Little, “Abortion and the Margins of Personhood” Rutgers Law Journal 39, no. 331 (2008)p. 342.

Nevertheless, Little supports abortion.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quote and is reposted with permission. Sarah Terzo is offering a short, free pro-life eBook that exposes the pro-choice movement. Click here to get it.

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