Pro-abortionists continue to try to convince the AMA to support mandated abortion education in medical schools

By Dave Andrusko

Lindsey Tanner, an Associated Press Medical Writer, tells us that “Abortion training under threat for med students, residents.” To jump ahead, the “threat” is that training in performing abortions is not mandatory in all medical school and that “new restrictions are piling up.”

She begins her account with a jaw-dropping comparison:

Browse any medical dictionary, and before hitting appendectomy and anesthesia, you’ll find abortion.

The first two procedures are part of standard physician education. But for many U.S. medical school students and residents who want to learn about abortions, options are scarce.

Just to be clear, the “termination” of an unborn baby’s life is not different (morally or otherwise) from an appendectomy or anesthesia. At least we know where Ms. Tanner is coming from.

Another example, from Medical Student Ian Peake:

Abortion training is not offered at Oklahoma’s two medical schools and education on the topic is limited. Aspiring doctors who want to learn about it typically seek out doctors providing abortions outside the traditional medical education system.

Peake, 32, said if he wanted to learn to do colonoscopies, for example, he could work with school staff to shadow a doctor doing research or working in a clinic.

“That would be easy,” he said. “To do the same for abortion, that’s almost impossible.” He said it took him six months to find a provider willing to teach him.

Abortion is no different, morally or otherwise, from a colonoscopy.

The further doctors go in their training, the most likely it is they will be pressured to perform abortions:

U.S. medical schools require students to complete a clerkship in obstetrics and gynecology, but there is no mandate that it include abortion education. At the post-graduate level, OB-GYN residency programs are required by an accrediting group to provide access to abortion training, though residents who object can opt out of performing abortions. …

Tanner tells us that in 2020 “Stanford University researchers said they found that half of medical schools included no formal abortion training or only a single lecture. ‘Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures,’ they wrote. Yet abortion-related topics are glaringly absent from medical school curricula.”

But proponents continue to try to sway the AMA:

Natasha McClain helped sponsor a measure last year that asked the American Medical Association to support mandated abortion education in medical schools, with an opt-out provision. The influential group has long opposed curriculum mandates and turned down the proposal, but it said it supports giving medical students and residents the chance to learn about abortion and opposes efforts to interfere with such training.

And, of course, Tanner includes an example of someone who learned about abortion and found it no big deal. 

Diva Jain learned abortion not at her medical school but, we’re told, at Planned Parenthood. “She was a clinic volunteer and saw the hurdles out-of-state women faced in obtaining the procedure. Some mistakenly ended up at a crisis pregnancy center across the street that tried to change their minds, Jain said.”

Jain, 23, said her first experience observing an abortion was “anti-climactic,” far from the scary image she’d heard opponents describe.

“It’s just a normal in-house procedure,” she said. “It’s just patients seeking medical treatment.

At that moment, she had an epiphany: Jain knew she wanted to provide abortions. “It was like a snap of finger. That kind of changed it for me,” said Jain. 

And as a further example how far Jain has come (so to speak), she came from “open-minded but traditional parents” who immigrated to Kansas from India. “Jain recalls growing up feeling trapped by her family’s traditional culture and a conservative white community where abortion was never discussed,” Tanner wrote. “I liked to stir the pot” and push boundaries, she said.”

Well nothing like slicing and dicing a helpless unborn to “stir the pot and push boundaries.”