Pro-abortionist laments that red states are not under the thumb of pro-abortion ideology

By Dave Andrusko

Julie A. Burkhart, a veteran pro-abortion advocate, is the founder and chief executive officer of “Trust Women” which “provide[s] abortion care in underserved communities.” Since the underlying premise of Trust Women is if you provide even more abortion clinics, you can trust that the number of abortions will cease the worrisome trend (to them) of dropping, year after year.

“Politics is coming back to health care in Kentucky,” is Burkhart’s opening salvo. Translated out of abortionspeak, this means that pro-lifers are on the offensive—passing legislation that protects unborn babies and their mothers.

Of course when pro-abortionists do the same thing in reverse it is not “politics” but “health care decisions” that are “best left to individuals and their health care providers.”

If Kentucky is the overall focus of Burkhardt’s lament, the specific complaint is that Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron is doing everything in his power to protect a law that bars the dismemberment of living unborn babies.

Out of sure happenstance, Burkhart is correct about one thing. With Congress and the White House in pro-abortion hands, “Again, states are the battleground.” 

Under the dome and in courthouses around the country, advocates are fiercely defending the ability to access abortion in the face of outlandish legislative and legal attacks. The last time we saw this level of anti-abortion activity was in 2017. We are also reminded of the landscape in 2011, which was the year with the highest watermark of anti-abortion legislation after Roe v. Wade, the ruling establishing abortion rights nationwide, was decided.

We see this as a cause for celebration, pro-abortionists as an unmitigated disaster calling for “federal solutions.”  

With “Several dozen cases are already being adjudicated at the same time as a new slate of bills are coming on the docket as ground for potential litigation,” she worries that “With any losses in the courts, we will see significant knock-on effects because restriction trip wires have already been put in place by red state legislatures that will set us back significantly with abortion access once we lose in court in front of conservative judges.” Again the “remedy” are federal laws that sharply curb if not obliterate the right of sovereign states to determine their own abortion laws.

All the more reason to be on full alert as the Biden-Harris administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress work to thwart the will of the people in those many states that are passing protective laws.