Planned Parenthood expands in ‘underserved’ New York communities

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser 

Planned Parenthood has expanded and modernized two of its facilities in the Bronx and Brooklyn, with the purported goal of better serving so-called “underserved” communities. But considering the abortion chain’s history in New York, the question of whether or not they might have more nefarious intentions must be raised.

In a press release published on Yahoo!, the two new centers were touted as advancing health care for “historically underserved” communities. Planned Parenthood of Greater New York’s (PPGNY) Bronx Health Center is now over 6,000 square feet, with nine new exam rooms designed to “dramatically [increase] access to sexual and reproductive health services in this center by more than 50%.” In Brooklyn, the Joan Malin Brooklyn Health Center is spread out over two floors, featuring “sleek white spaces with bold color accents and integrated graphics” in a facility overlooking the Brooklyn Borough Hall.

“This is an extremely proud moment for Planned Parenthood of Greater New York,” Joy D. Calloway, Interim President & CEO of PPGNY, said in a statement.

We are excited to welcome patients into these stunning new spaces. Upgrades to the Bronx and Brooklyn health centers will allow us to enhance patient care, decrease wait times, expand services, and improve the overall patient experience. Sexual and reproductive health equity is at the heart of Planned Parenthood’s mission. The strategic expansion and modernization of these vital community health centers reflect our mission to improve health outcomes in communities that face systemic racial and economic barriers to essential health care. The modern layout and warm design of the health centers say to our patients, all are welcome in this place of high-quality, accessible, and equitable health care.

In an interview with PIX11, Calloway spoke of being able to deliver health care to Bronx residents who they claim otherwise wouldn’t receive it. “This center has been in the Planned Parenthood family for decades and today, we celebrate a rebirth of sorts,” she said. “This project is about improving health outcomes in a community that is often left out, one of which many people face barriers to health care due to systemic racism and economic injustice.”

According to the United States Census Bureau, both the Bronx and Brooklyn areas where these centers are located have high minority populations. This is especially relevant considering PPGNY’s own history with racism, which includes placing facilities in minority neighborhoods — as well as accusations coming from its own employees.

PPGNY has, in recent years, been doing everything it can to disassociate itself from founder Margaret Sanger due to her racist and eugenicist beliefs. That racist behavior didn’t stay in Planned Parenthood’s past, however; PPGNY fired CEO Laura McQuade for her alleged racist and abusive behavior after an open letter was published and signed by hundreds of PPGNY employees.

Additional accusations include “a revenue-driven, assembly-line approach to PPGNY clinics – one that put patients, and in particular Black and other patients of color, at potential risk.” 

“You’re talking about public schools where black and brown children are because they’re so hypersexual and need to be controlled?” the employee said. “It’s a direct link to the history of forced sterilization.” Other Black women have said they were pressured to be sterilized at Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood may talk about wanting to disavow Margaret Sanger’s racist legacy, but the corporation’s actions indicate it is very much interested in keeping it alive.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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