Only 10% of Irish GPs will perform abortions

By Dave Andrusko

Since Ireland legalized abortion three and a half years ago, thousands of unborn babies have been aborted. The government reported 6,577 abortions, according to the Irish Examiner, in 2020 alone.

But imagine what would the toll have been if 90% of doctors in Ireland didn’t refuse to participate?! That was figure the abortion industry in the form of the Irish Family Planning Association and The National Women’s Council gave at a Oireachtas health committee meeting. Obviously, they had to blame somebody—or something—for the “disappointing” situation.

It was the highly dubious “fear of prosecution,” according to the Irish Family Planning Association’s policy and research officer Alison Spillane. What is the evidence that fear of prosecution accounts for only 10% of General Practitioners performing abortion? Late-term abortions. Let me explain.

Abortions up to 12 weeks are available for any reason and up to six months in a number of circumstances. Also irritating the abortion industry is that there is a three-day waiting period.

National Women’s Council of Ireland director Orla O’Connor told Fine Gael health spokesperson Colm Burke that one clause is “very problematic” and has caused ‘huge heartbreak.’ That stipulates that around fatal foetal anomalies doctors must be sure the baby will die within 28 days.” How many parents have been–told their baby will “die anything,” so an abortion is the “merciful” alternative–chose to continue the pregnancy, and delivered a healthy baby?

Irish physicians are protected by the very limited conscience protection which pro-abortion activists are determined to remove. Last year, O’Connor told the Irish Times lawmakers must ensure “that conscientious objection can never prevent women and pregnant people from accessing urgent healthcare,” Micaiah Bilger  reported.