Man accused of spiking girlfriend’s drink with abortifacient

By Dave Andrusko

You can expect a lot more of these kinds of cases. On the one hand, there are the so-called “Do-It-Yourself” abortions, using the abortion pill, which are dangerous to women. President Biden’s FDA has opened the door by nixing the requirement that women go in person to first meet with the abortionist. The drugs can now be mailed to them—“Do It Yourself” abortions—but whose dangers are simply not acknowledged.

On the other hand there will be men (such as the Express described Darren Burke) who will allegedly “lace his pregnant lover’s drink with an abortion drug” to prevent his “double life from crashing down”. He has denied “supplying a poison and unlawfully administering it to procure a miscarriage,” according to reporter Adela Willingham.

It’s a long and sordid affair. Burke, who was married, was carrying on an affair with Laura Slade who became pregnant,  Willingham reported.

Slade  learned she was pregnant on November 15, 2020 and told Burke the next day.

Burke told Slade that they “couldn’t keep the baby because it would affect everyone – her children, his child and his wife. He wrote he was thinking about Ms Slade, but she rather took the view that he was really thinking of himself.”

Slade decided she wanted to keep the baby, which was due in July. 

At that point, the two exchanged a series of increasingly acrimonious emails. There were no emails between November 16 and December 3, 2020.

The court heard Burke then messaged Slade asking if he could come to visit her the next morning and asked if she would like him to bring her a “Starbucks latte or a tea”. She agreed.

However, Slade suspected something was amiss when, after refusing a cup of tea, she also refused a glass of orange juice that he prodded her to drink. “His persistence that she should drink it had troubled her.”

After he left, she saw a “residue in the rim of the glass,” Willingham wrote, and “took her suspicions to the police who found traces of mifepristone.” Burke was arrested in February 2021 and interviewed. 

He told police that when he visited Ms. Slade at her home, Burke took the tablets with him “but decided to get rid of them when she said she wanted to keep the baby.”

According to the prosecutor, “He was worried her children might find them or the dog. He said he broke them apart and washed them down the sink.”

Burke told police he bought the abortion drug online “in case Ms. Slade decided she wanted to abort the baby,” but he was not trying to force her to take it.

Prosecutor Paul Jarvis painted a very different picture. He said, according to Whittingham, “His motive was obvious. If Ms Slade had kept the baby, then his double life would have come crashing down around him. There is no way he could have kept the existence of that child a secret from his wife and family.”

Although she did not take the abortion bill, unfortunately, Slade miscarried the baby on Christmas Day.