Abortionist’s daughter says she is “dedicat[ing] her life to helping others”

By Dave Andrusko

Teen Vogue must have run a pro-life story at some point but (if they ever did) they are rarer than hen’s teeth.

Today Teen Vogue provided 17-year-old Sylvie Richards with a platform to write about her mother, who is an abortionist. She worries that a new Oklahoma law places her mother at risk for imprisonment, all for “dedicat[ing] her life to helping others.”

The women she “helped” were originally Californians but her mother began traveling to Oklahoma to abort unborn babies there.

My mom has been an abortion provider in the Bay Area for years, but she started traveling to Oklahoma to perform the procedure and facilitate medication abortions after Texas’s six week abortion ban went into place in September. She’s started flying there regularly to help people flooding over the border from Texas to access abortion in the neighboring state. Now, her freedom may be at risk for helping people access healthcare if she continues providing abortions after the law goes into effect.

You can’t blame her for her cartoon-like stereotype of “anti-abortion advocates” who “scream slurs at my mom and her peers.” That’s what she was raised to believe.

You can’t blame a teenager for believing that her mother is “helping people access healthcare.” That’s almost  inevitable when you embrace the “healthcare” her mother is dispensing and ignore the 800,000 babies who lives are ended.

You can’t blame her for “drawing a blank” as she tries “to rationalize their thought processes, searching for logic in their misinformed judgments.”

If she were to grasp that abortion, far from “helping” women, hurts them, Sylvie Richards would be placed in an unenviable position. If she knew the horrible manner in which tiny human beings are vacuumed out, poisoned, and torn tiny limb from tiny torso, perhaps she might reach a different conclusion than that we are the villains  and her mother “a person who dedicates her life to helping others.”

She comforts herself by believing that pro-lifers have their own faulty picture of reality. “[I]f those people could look past their flawed perceptions and stereotypes, I’m doubtful they’d proceed. Abortion providers are health care professionals, helping their patients live a healthy life. Maybe I’m the one making a misjudgment, but I have faith in humanity and their ability to recognize the goodness of people.”

She insists, correctly, that we can’t know her mother’s heart. But we can know what her mother, who kills babies for a living, does.  And that is not “A person who dedicates her life to helping others.”

Finally, Sylvie Richards tells her readers, “I have inherited her nonstop drive to change the injustices I see around me.” She could start with changing the injustice of abortion,