Citigroup to pay for travel expenses for employees’ abortions

By Dave Andrusko

Citigroup this week announced it is providing employees with travel benefits to facilitate access to abortion clinics. “Although many companies have stood in opposition to abortion restrictions, Citi is among the first mega-corporations to add travel expenses to their suite of reproductive health benefits,” according to Bloomberg Wire.

Buried in a filing released Tuesday night, the bank disclosed it will now cover travel costs for employees seeking an abortion after several states including Texas implemented or proposed a near-total ban on the procedure,” Bloomberg Wire reported. “The New York-based bank will pay expenses, such as airfare and lodging, that employees may incur if forced to leave a state for an abortion”

States such as Texas and Idaho and Mississippi and Florida, to name just four, have passed major pieces of pro-life legislation. That would include “Heartbeat Laws” and a law that protects unborn children after the 15th week. Texas’s law SB8 in particular struck a chord.

The irony is, as Bloomberg pointed out, this venture into abortion politics “come as largest banks and asset managers in the U.S. accelerate a flight from the coasts, drawn to Texas and elsewhere by lower taxes, lighter regulation and warmer weather.”

Texas pro-life Republicans were quick to respond. 

“The ‘travel benefits’ offered by Citigroup is nothing more than a PR stunt by a ‘woke’ company to support a culture of death,” George P. Bush, the Texas land commissioner running for the Republican nomination for attorney general, said by email Wednesday. “Texas is a pro-life state, and if elected Attorney General, I will hold actors who attempt to find loopholes in our laws accountable.”

Matt Rinaldi, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, said 

“Citigroup’s decision to finance the murder of unborn children with a heartbeat is appalling, but not surprising, considering its past adoption of far-left causes.” He encouraged Republicans to “avoid entrusting their finances with Citibank and other companies that are hostile to them and their values.”