Baby survives attempted abortion and her mom didn’t realize she’s still pregnant! Scan shows baby growing in mum’s bowel

By Dave Andrusko

This really is a story about a miracle baby.

The mom, a 40-year old from Iran who was 14 weeks pregnant, tried to induce an abortion at home with the assistance of a midwife. “But it didn’t work,” according to Ellie Cambridge,” and the mum was left still pregnant and in severe pain – not knowing she had a rare abdominal pregnancy.”

“The unborn baby shifted through the perforation into the mother’s abdomen and continued to grow, according to a case report published in the International Journal of Case Reports and Images,” reported Micaiah Bilger. “This is probably the first case that shows an abdominal pregnancy can result from unsuccessful induced abortion,” according to the doctors’ report.

But the mom didn’t realize she was still pregnant. After two weeks, “The symptoms of cramping and paleness wore off,” Ellie Cambridge reported, “before she started to feel ill again ten weeks later.” She eventually went to the hospital where a team of five delivered her baby weighting 800 grams (roughly one pound, 12 ounces).” She had no health issues despite having been growing in the wrong place,” Cambridge wrote.

A miracle.