Woman describes biased advice she received as a college student at women’s center

By Sarah Terzo

Betsy, who became pregnant in college, wrote:

I went to the Women’s Center at the college where I took a pregnancy test. Even then it seemed so unreal. I was in complete shock when I received the results: positive.

I remember sitting in the small, stuffy third-floor office and numbly trying to listen as a volunteer counselor explained my options. In great detail, she outlined the procedure for ending the pregnancy – the nearest clinic, the cost, how to get an appointment, how much time it would take (about a half-day), and what would be involved in the procedure (she never called it an abortion, but a procedure).

Or, she said, I could have the baby. Period. No recommendations for agencies that might help with that decision or where I might go for further counseling if I decided to keep the baby. I would definitely be on my own if that was the course that I wanted to follow.”

She had an abortion and later regretted it deeply.

Yvonne Florczak–Seeman, A Time to Speak: A Healing Journal for Post-Abortive Women (Clarendon Hills, Illinois: Love from above, Inc., 2015) p.46.

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