Joe Biden

Some thoughts on President Biden’s second solo press conference

By Dave Andrusko

I never expected President Biden’s second solo press conference to last upwards of two hours, nor, do I think, did any of the reporters. For the first time in years, I watched one in its entirety. It was fascinating.

Battling collapsing job approval numbers and questions about the government’s competence, President Biden was asked if he had “overpromised.”

Look, I didn’t overpromise, but I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen.

In an afternoon filled with miscues and mistakes that was one for the ages. As it happens the New York Times and NBC News asked the public for its opinion on the President’s first year in office.

“The NYT used a focus-group test of swing voters to see just how much progress they feel Biden has made in his first year as president,” said Ed Morrissey. “The answer is that they assess this as “the lowest point in my lifetime’.”

Yikes. But that’s a tiny sample. NBC News “polled one thousand adults, with a subset of 790 registered voters, and asked this very question,” Morrissey wrote, “And the percentage of people who think Biden has outperformed expectations is … five percent.”

What about “worse than expected”? More than a third–36%–a gap that “is profoundly wider than any other recent president.”

Asked what he will do differently in the final three years of his term, President Biden said “Number One: I am getting out of this place more often.” 

Just guessing, but based on his self-assessment, he is in for a rude awakening, 

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