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Shelby county commission approves $25,000 grant to abortion clinic for a playground to help promote “Family Friendly Environment”

By Dave Andrusko

Whenever possible, the abortion industry likes to pretend that it offers all options. So, why not ask the Shelby County Commission for a grant to pay for a playground for “CHOICES – Memphis Center for Reproductive Health in Midtown”?

After all, “Many of our patients have children,” CHOICES executive director Jennifer Pepper told the commission. “The playground helps promote our family-friendly and inclusive environment.”

And, I’m sure, she said this with a straight face. But what does their latest annual report tell you?

For starters, it reported $4.1 million in revenue. It also assisted in 45 births and performed 2,399 abortions.

Sure enough. Without any discussion, and on a straight party-line  vote (eight Democrats for, five Republicans against), the commission approved a $25,000 grant toward the playground.

According to reporter Bill Dries, although audience input was brief, it was very intense.

Andrea Sumner said to the commission, “It is wrong to essentially force a resident of Shelby County to fund an organization that profits from abortion. This will be abortion money.” …

Speaker Audrey Lawrence said, “There are other places that could use that $25,000. The science says that conception is at the very beginning. Life is at the very beginning.” 

“There was no discussion among commissioners before the vote on the grant, which was proposed by commissioners Mickell Lowery and Tami Sawyer,” according to Dries.

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