Joe Biden

Headline: “More Than a Third of the Country Gives Biden an ‘F’ for His First Year in Office”

By Dave Andrusko

You may be reading this after the fact, but what an opening sentence: “President Biden on Wednesday will host just his second solo press conference from the White House since taking office, offering reporters a rare opportunity to press him on news of the day in such a format.” The Hill’s Brett Samuels, Alex Gangitano, and Morgan Chalfant next sentence sums up the President’s predicament: “The event comes at a precarious time for Biden’s agenda.” They then list a series of extremely difficult issues that the President is not accustomed to addressing, let alone at length.

 “NEW POLL: More Than a Third of the Country Gives Biden an ‘F’ for His First Year in Office, Just 11 Percent Give Him an ‘A’” reads  Joe DePaolo for

As you would expect from these numbers, his job approval numbers are cratering.  They range from 37% to the low 40s.

In addition, the key always is which direction do people think the country is headed. DePaolo writes

In other notable takeaways from the Politico/Morning Consult survey, 68 percent of respondents believe the nation is on the “wrong track,” compared to 32 percent who believe it is going in the “right direction.” And overall, Biden’s job approval stands at 40 percent, compared to 56 percent who disapprove.

Let’s see what the President has to say. 

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