Wisconsin Gov. Evers votes pro-life bills

By Wisconsin Right to Life

On Friday, December 3, Governor Tony Evers vetoed a suite of pro-life bills and promised to do so again in the future if the occasion presented itself.

Among these vetoed bills are the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, A Woman’s Right to Know Act, the Prenatal Diagnosis Information Act, and the Shield the Vulnerable Act.

The Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act would have ensured that children who survive failed abortion attempts are given the medical treatment and care they need and protects them from being left to die. While it would not in any way have denied a woman access to abortion, this bill instead gave clear guidance to the health care community on the standard of care a child born alive after a failed abortion attempt should receive.

A Woman’s Right to Know Act would have required physicians to explain that women have a small opportunity of time in which the effects of the first pill given in a chemical abortion can be counteracted should they change their mind in the abortion process and chose life for their unborn child. This legislation also would have enhanced the induced abortion reporting requirements, which would provide much needed transparency regarding abortion in Wisconsin.

The Prenatal Diagnosis Information Act would have required the physician who administered the prenatal or postnatal test that identified a congenital condition, also provide the parent, or expectant parent, with education resources on that congenital condition and supportive resources that are available to them.

The Shield the Vulnerable Act would have banned abortions that are performed solely based on the sex, race, or disability diagnosis of the unborn child.

Gov. Evers has once again shown his lack of commitment to protecting vulnerable unborn children, especially those diagnosed with a congenital condition, and women who are faced with unexpected pregnancies. His actions show a blatant disregard for the will of Wisconsinites, who acted through their elected legislators to advance legislation that would have provided vital information, transparency, and support to women and their unborn children.

As we’ve seen time and time again throughout Evers’ administration, elections have consequences for the lives of unborn children and their mothers. 

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