Roe will not save Democrats in 2022 or any other year

By Dave Andrusko

Over the years, whenever there arose the possibility that Roe would be trimmed back, if not overturned, the abortion lobby loudly reassured itself that “the public is with us” and would rise up in righteous indignation if the “right” to abortion were seriously compromised.

Well…that was then….

To be sure, “Publicly, Democrats are posturing as though Roe will be of decisive strategic value next year,” according to David Siders but “Most voters back abortion rights but are not swayed by threat to Roe, poll finds.” Even “most voters back abortion rights” is misleading, but we’ve debunked that canard 50 times.

What changed the tune of a number of Democratic strategists and their cohorts in the media? Let’s see.

Going back a month, there was the jaw-dropping victory of pro-life Republican  Glenn Younkin over pro-abortion Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the race for governor of Virginia. McAuliffe made abortion a centerpiece of his election strategy, and (we were told) it would redound to his benefit. And, it should be noted, this was pro-abortion gospel across the Democratic ticket.

However, of the 8% of voters who listed abortion as the most important issue facing Virginia, they broke 60% in Youngkin’s favor. 

Lt. Gov. candidate Hala Ayala and incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring all dipped into the same playbook. Abortion was going to be the issue that carried them over the threshold, particularly so since passage of S.J.8, the Texas Heartbeat law. In fact pro-lifers Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares, the Republican candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general, respectively, carried the day.

And then there is the history of how the abortion issue plays out in real time—elections. Not only are there are more single-issue pro-life voters than single-issue pro-abortion voters, they are also far more passionate. This “pro-life” increment endures in-season and out, whether abortion is a high visibility issue or when it is not.

This yawning gulf between what pro-abortion Democrats tell us is the case and the reality is beginning to dawn on Democrats. The opening two paragraphs of David Siders story is (to the Abortion Lobby) sobering news:

The quick-setting gospel in Washington, D.C. last week was that any rollback of Roe v. Wade next year would trigger a Democratic revolt, placing abortion rights at the center of the midterm elections and sparking unprecedented turnout on the left.

But in the days since the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on a case from Mississippi, a more sober and nuanced assessment has begun to settle in. Interviews with more than a dozen Democratic strategists, pollsters and officials reveal skepticism that the court’s decision will dramatically alter the midterm landscape unless — and perhaps not even then — Roe is completely overturned. Privately, several Democratic strategists have suggested the usefulness of any decision on abortion next year will be limited, and some may advise their clients not to focus on abortion rights at all.


Paul Mirengoff may have put it best:

If Democrats are counting on the Supreme Court to save them from midterm accountability for Joe Biden’s incompetence and dishonesty, they are doomed to disappointment regardless of the decision in Dobbs.

Just how bitter a pill all this is to swallow came through clearly in the comments of Julie Roginsky, a former top adviser to New Jersey’s Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, who won reelection this year, but by a far narrower margin than expected. [Roginsky “began her career as a researcher at the pro-abortion rights group EMILY’s List.”] Notice, by the way, how she blames the voters.

“It hasn’t moved people to the polls in places like Virginia and New Jersey this year. It wasn’t an issue in either state. I wish we lived in a world where outrage mattered. But I think we live in a post-outrage world, and voters today are affected only by that which directly affects them, which is why the economy, affordability and cost of living is such a major issue for so many people.”

“Outrage”? At the risk of stating the obvious, pro-lifers are motivated by a different emotion: love for mother and unborn child. 

Unlike outrage, love is not a fleeting response. Rather “Love bears all things [regardless of what comes], believes all things [looking for the best in each one], hopes all things [remaining steadfast during difficult times], endures all things [without weakening],” as the amplified Bible translates 1 Corinthians 13: 6-8.

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