Pro-abortion philosopher admits that legalizing abortion led to lack of respect for other human lives

By Sarah Terzo

Philosopher Peter Singer, who supports both abortion and infanticide, wrote: 

“The prohibition on the direct killing of the fetus was the first area in which the sanctity of life ethic was directly challenged by the quality of life ethic, and lost.

“Abortion foreshadowed what was about to become accepted practice in other areas, including the withdrawal of treatment from patients in a hopeless condition, and the selective nontreatment of disabled infants. While opponents of abortion have made this point repeatedly, those who support abortion prefer…to see the issue as one of freedom of choice.”

Peter Singer, Rethinking Life and Death: The Collapse of Our Traditional Ethics (New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, 1994). Page 90.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes [https://clinicquotes.com/pro-abortion-philosopher-admits-that-legalizing-abortion-led-to-lack-of-respect-for-other-human-lives/] and is reposted with permission. Sarah Terzo is offering a short, free pro-life eBook that exposes the pro-choice movement. Click here to get it.

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