Joe Biden

Independents sour on Biden as job disapproval numbers reach all-time low

By Dave Andrusko

If you dig deep into the new PBS NewsHour/NPR Marist poll, you’ll find much to learn beyond that President Biden’s job approval is at all time low—41% approval.

For starters, that it’s not just Republicans (95% disapproval) who find Biden lacking. “Two thirds of Independents disapprove,” according to Matt Loffman. “Support among Independents alone dropped eight points in a week.” Here are other key findings.

*More that 55% disapprove—and of that, 44% strongly disapprove (a jump of 6 points in a single week).

  • “Disapproval of the president stretches across most demographic groups with his level of disapproval topping 50 percent among white and non-white voters, people living in cities and in rural America, and voters in every age range except those over 74 years old,” Loffman reported.

Only 41% of Generation Z/Millennials (18-39) approve with a mere 7% strongly approving against 54% disapproval, 38% of which whom strongly disapprove.

Lee Miringoff, director of the Maris College of Public Opinion, told Loffman, “The independents were the major difference” in this poll.

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