Proudly Pro-Life Awards Banquet, abortion mill closes

By Rhode Island Right to Life

We are delighted to hold, once again, our (mostly) annual Proudly Pro-Life Awards Banquet (Rhode Island’s annual pro-life family reunion) on Thursday, November 18 at St. Patrick Academy in Providence. Please join us to honor Marilyn Brennan, Lisa Church, and “the women on the sidewalk.” Please also bring your pro-life memories and stories to share on our open-mic. Click here to learn more about our honorees and to register. If you can not attend, please consider making an online gift in support.

Thanksgiving Mass for Abortion Mill Closure

With the exhausting abortion battle at the State House in 2019, followed by all of the dizzying happenings over the last 20 months, I suppose we can’t be blamed for not taking sufficient note, but it is now time to give thanks for the closure of the abortion mill practically in the shadow of St. Paul Church in Cranston. Fr. Thomas Woodhouse, pastor of St. Paul’s, will be celebrating a Mass of Thanksgiving on Saturday, November 13 at 9:30 a.m., organized by our friends at the Diocese of Providence Office of Life & Family Ministry and the Knights of Columbus.

As the story goes, and I am sure someone will fill in the blanks at the Proudly Pro-Life Banquet, the residents of the neighborhood united many years ago to prevent Dunkin Donuts from opening in the lot at 1725 Broad Street because they wanted to preserve the residential character of the neighborhood. To their absolute horror, a “doctor’s office” was permitted to open in its place, which turned out to be the notorious “Women’s Medical Center” abortion mill. Ironically, a Child Development Center has now moved in.

To the extent that the abortionist may yet be doing abortions, whether surgical or chemical, as his “Center” appears to have moved to a unit in a medical office building on Tollgate Road in Warwick, the victory is not complete. Thus even as we give thanks to God for the St. Paul neighborhood being delivered and purged from this unspeakable evil, we will continue praying for the repentance and conversion of this abortionist, and all abortionists. Please join us if you are able. 

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